peisey parapente ete



In the mornings: (from 5 years old) Flights over Les Arcs or the other side of the valley (les versants du soleil) :

-      The SMALL discovery flight : (arround 10 mins) take-off on the other side of the valley (commonly known as the versant du soleil) and glide down 900m of altitude - this flight is great for children or small adults.

-        The LARGE discovery flight : (15-25 mins) take-off from the slopes of Les Arcs at an altitude of 2000m.

-     The SPECIAL FORT 2000 flight : (15-20 mins) take in the stunning view of the Bourg Saint Maurice valley and enjoy the first rays of the day by flying above the « Vaubans » fortifications.

The SUMMIT flight : (more than 2000 meters between the take off and the landing place) Take off arround 3000 meters ! This flight need 20 min walking.

Fly in front off the majestic Mont Blanc summit.


In the afternoons : (from 12 years old) Flights over Peisey-Vallandry or Les Arcs, take-off from 2000m.

-        The LONG flight : (40-45 mins) Make the most of the thermals and discover the most unforgettable views high above the alpine pastures. Have a bit of fun and learn to take the controls yourself.

The GLACIER flight : (arround 1 hour) Fly high above the mountain peaks, sometimes even over 3000m high ! Cross over the valley and the north face of Belle Cote glacier.

Enjoy the freedom of flying.

SUMMER Price list TANDEM Flight

The SMALL discovery flight

80 € BUTTERFLY (perfect for children)

The LARGE discovery flight

110 € EAGLE Flight (perfect for family)

The LONG flight

160 € GYPAETE Flight

The special FORT 2000 flight


The X-TREME flight (special SUMMIT)

300 € sublime flight for the sports people (Take off arround 3000 meters).

The X-TREME flight (special GLACIER)

250 € fabulous flight for the raiders (fly over 3000 meters).

+ photos or video from your flight HD 30 €

Where to meet : each flight has its own meeting point depending on where you are staying; please don’t hesitate to ask for directions!
(All flights are subject to daily aerological and weather conditions. Remember to bring warm clothes with you for the longer flights)